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Volume Pedal
Volume Pedal / Item # 9AC113

Price: US$45.00

FS/13 Effects

FS13 / 13 Effects Footswitch. Assignable footpedal.

FS13 / Ketron ID# 9AC093  

Price: US$225.00

 AUDYA 5 Ö. Advanced 61 Key Music Station

AUDYA 5 represents a new state-of-the-art modern arranger keyboard

It has a powerful audio multiplayer, a high quality sound engine and unique automatic accompaniment features. The rich set of interfaces includes a versatile video support, configurable audio connections and three USB ports to connect to computers and other multimedia devices.

Price: US$3,998.00


Advanced Music Workstation

 World's Most Advanced 76 key semi-weighted workstation with Wave and MP3 players. Ever wondered how you could actually control a wave file and have it follow your chords or playing technique ? We did ... until now. AUDYA incoorporates wave/audio files for use in both Midifiles and styles and boy, does that open up a whole new world for musicians, compossers and arrangers - all from Italy. At KETRON, you never know how the next great idea will be born, but you know

Price: US$4,798.00

FS6 / 6 Effect Footswitch.

FS6 / 6 Effect Footswitch. Assignable Footpedal

FS6 / Ketron ID# 9AC103

Price: US$116.00

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KETRON Ė The Factory and Sound Lab
KETRON, located in Ancona - Italy, was established in February 1981. By Music Professionals for Music Professionals
From the humble beginning and until today, KETRONís focus is unwavering with their commitment to the following principles and strategies:

Old World Craftsmanship combined with the latest in technological advances.
Ever since KETRONís amazing MS60 / MS40 series was launched back in the early nineties, KETRON has always led the Keyboard and Module industry with the perfect balance between Technology and Craftsmanship.


DG30msa DG30msa
88 keys weighted hammer action keyboard Pedals 3. Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain. Polyphony 64 notes. Voices Grand Piano,Rock Piano, El. Piano 1, DX Piano, Vibes, Strings, Pipe, Pad 1. Dark brown PVC finishing
Our Price: US$1,440.00
Was: US$1,800.00


FS/13 Effects FS/13 Effects

FS13 / 13 Effects Footswitch. Assignable footpedal.

FS13 / Ketron ID# 9AC093  

Our Price: US$225.00
Was: US$269.00


Pro Midi Sound Module 1-16 multifunction buttons. Mode Select: Drum On/Off, SFX, GM Part access, Free Assignable, Registration Groups, Arabic scale
Our Price: US$2,050.00
Was: US$2,569.00


SK12A Powered Subwoofer
Our Price: US$1,295.00
Was: US$1,629.00


Sustain Pedal - Piano Type Sustain Pedal - Piano Type

Sustain Pedal - Piano Type

Model SP-P / Ketron ID# 9AC114

Our Price: US$50.00


Pro Midi Sound Module Velocity sensitive. 6 Velocity curves. POLIPHONY 64 notes. 32 Multitimbral. SOUND GENERATION 24Mbyte PCM ROM. 290 Presets Sounds. 292 GM Voices. More than 1000 Percussive sounds.
Our Price: US$1,528.00
Was: US$1,910.00